6 Lifestyle photo and video tips to help promote your product or service

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A lifestyle photo or lifestyle video displays the product or service in an environment that tells a story. Rather than a white background on a white platform in the outer space of production magic and light boxes, the product or service is shown in an aspirational setting that our clients would love to see themselves in. The key is relatability with our audience.

We see the world around us as a reflection of who we are. Our interests and the people we admire reflect what we like about ourselves and our desires. What we see in photos and videos holds the same association. Although lifestyle shoots require more creative planning and resources, the images bring context and feeling to the product or service. When done right, it can help us reach our desired customers and shape a loyal community.

Here are 6 lifestyle photo and video tips to help you get started:

  1. Answer these questions: Who do you want to relate to you? What do their aspirational lives look like? How do you want your audience to feel? What is the story you want to tell?
  2. Make sure everything in your shot is intentional. Clear out wires and clutter! Depending on the subject, there is use of “artistic clutter” with flower petals or linens that help add to the story of the image.
  3. Have a basic understanding of composition (i.e. rule of thirds) and color theory for a visually pleasing image. Where does your eye go in the image? Is the image in line with any window frames or the horizon of the table? Does the colors in frame match? Is that color distracting?
  4. Good lighting! Make sure your exposure is good and watch out for shadows. Bright images are attractive!
  5. Crop in for a more abundant setting. Part of a tray or scarf cropped out of the image leaves the mind to believe there is more to the environment.
  6. Filming in slow motion makes that beautiful environment even more dreamy.

Finally, bringing in an expert is recommended when you want your images to have a larger influential reach. The quality, artistic direction, peace of mind, and time saved for you is an invaluable investment. I’d love to hear about your experience with lifestyle photo or video. How has it has changed your brand?

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