A study of motion: defying gravity

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Lisa Chin - Hold on

I was inspired by Jordan Matter’s Dancers Among Us to capture weightless, dynamic movementsĀ in this series of photographs. I wanted to create a whimsical, story book feel that could not happen in real life. But it did. James and I, the gravity defying models in these pictures, were not manipulated with Photoshop or any other editor.

With my Lumix FZ200 on burst mode (and at some points timer mode), I was able to catch my subjects in mid flight. I did, however, adjust the saturation, hue, shadow/highlights, intensity, and brightness as well as crop all of the pictures with Photoshop.

Big thanks to my beautiful model and assistant photographer, James, who is amazing at executing the look and feel of what I wanted. I highly recommend him for any photo shoots. He’s super professional and is willing to wax any part of his body for shoots paying $10 or more (the latter is a joke, the former is not).

Please allow these picture to take you to another world where you may not be able to keep your feet onĀ the ground.

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