Lisa has been working in commercial creative media– film, graphic design, photo, and web — since 2013. In commercial film, she takes on roles including motion designer, animator, editor, production designer, cinematographer, producer, set designer, and once in a blue moon as talent.

Some of the companies, people, and events she has worked with include:

Perricone MD, Starbucks, Facebook, We Are Teachers, Marmoset, Microsoft, Under Armour, T-Mobile, TEDx, Airbnb, Chris Guillebeau, Biddy Tarot, Portland Boulder Rally, NW Tarot Symposium, and Asian Health and Services Center.

She currently resides in Portland, OR and yes, let’s grab a Kombucha after yoga class.

For more information, see Lisa’s resume.

Fun Facts About Lisa:

She is an alumna of Rhode Island College with a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.

Listed as an Inventor under a patent that she helped formulate while working in pharmaceutical research and development Topical and Wound Care department.

You can find her stretching and practicing handstands when she’s not in front of her computer.

She eats lots of noodles, dumplings, and cheesecake brownies…and cabbage! Because balance is key.


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