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Home Page with Drop-down Menu

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For my Intro. to Dreamweaver class I took last fall, I made a website for a fictitious cafe. The website was required to have tables, images, ordered or unordered lists, links, a navigation bar with a drop-down menu, and a form.

I used McFarland’s Dreamweaver CS6: The Missing Manual for reference. Dreamweaver is a more efficient way to build a website than writing code with a text editor. Access to style sheets and files on the right side panel made for a smooth workflow. I was learning HTML5 at the same time,  it was great to see the changes instantly when working in Code and Split View.

Creating the drop-down menu in the navigation bar and form validations using the Spry objects was probably the most exciting for me. I did this mostly in Design View because the code was a little too advanced for me to understand at that time. Dreamweaver makes Spry menu links very intuitive to use…at least with my text book.

I love the idea of a cafe that features preserved foods. This would be my kind of restaurant. I love fermented and pickled foods. I had a great time thinking up this business and writing the about section and menu. Yum!

I was apprehensive about posting this project and the other websites that I created during my first term. I had taken pictures from Google Images and didn’t know about copyright laws. I know there is some kind of bend in the rules for students, but I’m not sure of the details. I was wondering if it was unethical that I post these pictures of my class project website that contain pictures that I got from Google Images on my blog. I didn’t even think to take note of the websites that the pictures were from when I initially saved the images, so I can’t even attribute them properly. I figured I’d go ahead and post my projects, voice my concerns and see if I can learn in the process.

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