Editing my Vimeo Weekend Challenge video with Photoshop

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Edit video with Photoshop

I decided to give myself a very simple project to test the waters of using Photoshop to edit video. This Weekend Challenge from Vimeo fit the bill perfectly. The assignment was to make a 5×5: a 25 second video composed of five 5-second clips, using original sound. The topic was “Me Right Now,” so I decided to tell a story about my trip to the flower shop. Nothing profound. Just simple and pleasant. Check it out:

Going to the flower shop from Lisa Chin on Vimeo.

My verdict on using Photoshop as a video editor: thumbs down. Play back was slow and choppy, making it hard to get a feel of the actual flow of the video. It’s good to know about if you don’t have any other video editing option, but not my favorite.

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