Informational Flyer Design

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Informational Flyer Design

I was asked by a client to create an informational flyer that could be emailed as a PDF file for a potential seminar he plans on hosting. He supplied the photos and copy. He requested a dark background and white or light colored text . In addition, he wanted the flyer to be on standard letter paper, size 8.5″ x 11″, in case his recipients decides to print it out. Since the event was still coming into fruition, I used a fictitious name, date, and contact information for this post.

With Photoshop, I used the picture of the city skyline as the header background and took colors from the photo for the gradient and the text color of the title. For the picture of the hotel, I removed some people that were wading in the water, reduced the image opacity, feathered the edges, and applied a gradient overlay so it blends into the blue background.

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