Stenciling: The Wallace Project

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My good friend has the most adorable pug. His name is Wallace and he was destined to have his face stenciled on shirts and bags.

On Window’s Photo Gallery (the days before I had Photoshop *sigh*) I adjusted a picture of Wallace to black and white and then adjusted the saturation, contrast, and highlights until most of the grey was gone. Then I uploaded that image to Window’s Paint and with black paint, filled in Wallace’s shadows so it was solid black. With the eraser, the edges were smoothed out.

The key to a successful stencil is to make sure everything is connected. I printed out the final black and white image, pasted it to Bristol board, and cut out the black parts with an X-Acto knife. Every so often I’d step back to make sure the section I was about to cut around would still connect to the stencil. Some of the details on the stencil were so fine that they began to curl up, so I used a small pebble to hold those areas down before painting.

Cut out stencil
Stencil cut-out

Once the stencil was cut, I went Wallace happy! With a textile spray paint, I tagged bags and t-shirts with Wallace’s adorable face!

Pug Bonanza
Pug Bonanza

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